Features that will change your work life

Birevision makes all your visual works easier, helps you manage time. Helps you elevate your customer satisfaction to top level by keeping your productivity at maximum.

You revisions under control

Track Revision Step by Step

With Birevision, both you and your customers can review all the revisions presented to you in written or visual form.

Easy Revision Control

You can see the differences between the visuals you choose from your projects.

Don’t Miss Any Revisions

With Image Processing method, no revision goes unnoticed and you don’t send defective works.

Increase Your Productivity

Make time count

Birevision measures and records the time used for the project from beginning to end. It can show work time and how much time is spent for the work.

Get rid of emails

Birevision eliminates the unnecessary and puzzling email correspondances that restrict your time management; strenghtens your online communication.

Project-Based Communication

You can talk online and share files about the project you are in with the designer, customer or anyone on the system.

Correct the Deficiencies

With the large report system you can easily appoint teams and persons to new projects and take strategic precautions with cause and effect relationship where productivity is weak.

Socialize on Time

Birevision can help your social media planning with integrated timer and calendar feature. You can decide on available common dates with your clients thanks to Google Calender integration.

Whenever and Wherever You Wish

Birevision works on the cloud system. So you can reach your projects and check your revisions anywhere on any device of your choice.

Rate for Productvity

Birevision enables measuring the performance of the employees. This way you can support employees with motivation and orientation applications.  

Your Files Are With You Everywhere Now

The collaboration of Birevision and Dropbox enables you to reach all your old and new files without the risk of losing any data.

Use in 5 Languages

Birevision may be used in 5 languages (English, Turkish, German, Spanish, Russian).

Successful Management

Report Everything

With an extensive reporting system; you can view reports under sub-branches like “Time”, “Designer”, “Customer” with just one click.

Files Are Always Safe

All your files are saved in high security level cloud servers. Your files never get deleted or disappear.

Hierarchical Team Management

On Birevision, project definitions are created in a hierarchical order. So you can save your privacy settings of your projects and make authorisations.

Birevision makes all your visual works easier & helps you manage time. Get your help from Brevision to increase customer satisfaction and keep your productivity at maximum level.