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Organized, Up to date and Secure

With Birevision, freelancers can now track their work and send revisions to their customers much more easily. They can see how much they worked for each customer and store their files on cloud securely.
By assigning an account to customers, life in the office will be more dynamic with customers through online chats and instant revisions.


“A little bit up. Done

Customers, project managers and designers have a stronger relationship not.

Birevision tracks and reports every activity by the customer, customer representative and the designer on a project, from beginning to end.

Lets you monitor your revisions using Image Processing methods for you to see the difference between the project visuals. Using Bitracker, you can easily measure how much time each project took to be completed and you can make your employee and cost analysis according to these data.


The highest level of efficiency.

You are trying to manage the agency or institution you are producing high volumes of visual or if you have a team of more than 20 people, you want to increase your productivity for your customers, Birevision’s right for you.
If you want to solve an affordable cost contribution will add to your Birevision the organization. Please Contact us.

Let technology keep up with you

“This is missing here.”, “Guys you haven’t added it again”
“But you haven’t told us.”, “We forgot.” “I did tell this”

With Birevision, both you and your customers can review all the revisions presented to you in written or visual form. We’re inviting you to meet Birevision which brings speed and trust into your work with its central control system that minimizes the email traffic greatly.


Manage time, Win

With BiTracker, you can measure the time from the moment the designer creates the project to the point it is finished, evaluate the time between revision and approval and reassign your staff to another project depending on the workload.

You can easily measure when and in which time period each project was completed and make cost analysis according to data.

Basic Features

Advanced RevisionControl

With visual processing techniques you don’t miss even one pixel change.

Manage Time With #BiTracker

BiTracker measures the time from the moment the designer creates the project to the point it is finished.

Smart Employee Management

With an extensive reporting system, you can easily appoint teams and staff to new projects and take strategic precautions with cause and effect relationship where productivity is weak.


You can measure workload and increase your productivity by analyzing user work history using the advanced report system.

Performance Reporting

You can view reports under sub-branches like “Time”, “Designer”, “Customer” with just one click.

Forget Email Chaos!

Birevision invigorates your business with your customer and minimizes the email correspondances that restrict your time.


You can follow Birevision on different devices; view, update and check wherever you wish.

Project-Based Communication

Lets customers, customer representatives and designers that are appointed on the project communicate about the project on a shared interface.

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